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Whippets (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals). Authors: D. Caroline Coile and Michelle Earle-Bridges. Publisher: Barron's Educational Series (March 1, 1998), ISBN-13#: 978-0764103124

Whippet (Comprehensive Owners Guide). Authors: Juliette Cunliffe, Photographer: Isabelle Francais. Publisher: Kennel Club Books (March 30, 2005), ISBN-13#: 978- 1593782474

The English Whippet. Authors: E.G. Walsh and Mary Lowe. Publisher: The Boydell Press; 2nd Edition (May 1990), ISBN-13#: 978-0851152714

Pet Owner's Guide to the Whippet. Author: Anne Vickerstaff. Publisher: Ringpress Books (February 1, 2003), ISBN-13:978-1860541889.

Whippets Today. Author: Patsy Gilmour. Publisher: Howell Books (September 1994), ISBN-13#: 978-0867053591.

Whippet: A Complete and Reliable Handbook. Author: Dean Keppler. Publisher: TFH Publications (August 1999), ISBN-13#: 978-0793807888.

Whippet Champions, 2002-2005. Author: Kashmira Chai. Publisher: Camino EE & Book Co., ISBN-13: 978-1558932050.

Whippet Champions: 1996-2001. Author: Jan Linzy. Publisher: Camino EE & Book Co., ISBN-13#: 978-1558931060.

Whippet Champions, 1987-1995. Editor: Camino Books, Inc. Publisher: Camino EE & Book Co (Feb 1998), ISBN-13#: 978-1558930483.

Whippet Champions: 1981-1986. Authors: Dorothy Johnson & Jane Pruett. Publisher: Camino EE & Book Co (Mar 1984), ISBN-13#: 978-0940808294.

The Whippet or Race Dog: Its Breeding, Rearing, and Training for Races and Exhibition. Author: Freeman Lloyd. Publisher: Vintage Dog Books (June 1, 2006), ISBN- 13: 978-1846640506.

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Dog Care. Author: Bruce Fogle, DVM. Publisher: Thunder Bay Press (CA) (January 1999), ISBN-13#: 978-1571451859.

The Whippet (World of Dogs). Author: J.P. Moran-Healy. Publisher: Kingdom Books, Havant (26 Sept 2000), ISBN-13#: 978-1852790967.

Dances with Whippets. Author: Phillip Wright. Publisher: Melrose Books (Mar 2005), ISBN-13#: 978-1905226030.

Whippet. Author: Marianne Bunyan. Publisher: Books on Demand GmbH - German (31 Mar 2005), ISBN-13#: 978-3833425073.

The Whippet. Author: Charles Henry Douglas-Todd. Publisher: Popular Dogs Publishing Co. Ltd, 4Rev Ed Edition, ISBN-13#: 978-0091399603.

Whippets. Author: Christine Cormany. Publisher: TFH Publications, ISBN-13#: 978- 0876664094.

The Whippet - A Dog Anthology (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic). Author: Various. Publisher: Read Books (8 Aug 2007), ISBN-13#: 978-1406787665.

Running Dogs - Or Dogs That Hunt By Sight - The Early History, Origins, Breeding & Management of Greyhounds, Whippets, Irish Wolfhounds, Deerhounds, Borzoi and Other Allied Eastern Hounds. Author: Tony Read. Publisher: Read Books (17 Dec 2007), ISBN-13#: 978-1408631744.

AlfieWhippets: Rearing and Racing. Author: P. Wilson. Publisher: Faber and Faber (Jan 1979), ISBN-13#: 978-0571113200.

The Whippet and Race Dog. Author: Freeman Lloyd. Publisher: Beech Publishing House; 2Rev Ed edition (Sep 2002), ISBN-13#: 978-1857362626.

Whippets: Rearing and Breeding. Author: Pauline Wilson. Publisher: Faber & Faber (1979), ASIN#: B001112P8C.

Whippets (Owner's Companion). Author: Shirley Rawlings. Publisher: The Crowood Press Ltd (27 May 1991), ISBN-13#: 978-1852232795.

The Complete Whippet. Author: Louis Pegram. Publisher: Howell Book House (June 1976), ISBN-13#: 978-0876053577.

Sighthounds Afield: The Complete Guide to Sighthound Breeds & Amateur Performance Events (With a Comprehensive Chapter on Adopted Ex-Racing Greyhounds). Author: Denise Como. Publisher: Author House (June 24, 2004), ISBN-13#: 978-1418438227.

The following books/magazines/videos are available from The American Kennel Club:

AKC Dog Care & Training Book, 2nd Edition. Publisher: The American Kennel Club.

The Complete Dog Book, 20th Revised Edition. Publisher: The American Kennel Club.

The Complete Dog Book for Kids. Publisher: The American Kennel Club.

AKC Whippet Video. Illustrates correct conformation and movement, according to the breed standard. Produced by The American Kennel Club.

The AKC Gazette. Published monthly by The American Kennel Club.

The following books/magazines/videos are available from The American Whippet Club:

The Whippet, 2nd Edition (1994). Author: Bo Bengtson.

The Illustrated Whippet Standard. Booklet published by the American Whippet Club.

The Versatile Whippet. Booklet published by the American Whippet Club.

The Whippet News. Monthly newsletter of the American Whippet Club. Editor:
Christine Hopperstad.

The Whippet News Annual. Annual magazine publication of the American Whippet Club. Editor:
Wendy Clark.