Copyright release on all photographs used must be obtained by the advertiser prior to the submission of the ad to the Whippet Resource Center.  By submitting ad copy, the advertiser certifies that they have obtained said copyright release and they assume all responsibility with regard to the content of their ad.  Advertisements can be refused by the Whippet Resource Center at their discretion, if they feel the content is misleading, inflammatory, or contains information that is deemed inappropriate for a family based audience. 

All ad copy must be submitted via email to or via U.S. mail to Whippet Resource Center, P.O. Box 5439, Toledo, OH  43613.  Ads will be designed and posted within 72 hours from receipt and payment will be due at the time of ad submission.  Payments are accepted via Paypal using checks and credit cards, or via check, cashier's check or money order via the U.S. Postal address. 

Satisfaction is guaranteed.  Within the first 7 days after the advertisement is posted, if the work does not meet with your approval, the ad will be revised to your specifications, and if it is still not to your satisfaction, it will be removed from the Whippet Resource Center website and all monies paid by you for said advertisement will be refunded.

All contact information for advertisers will be held in the strictest of confidence by the Whippet Resource Center and no contact information will be provided to others for the purposes of advertising or like endeavors.

By submitting advertising to the Whippet Resource Center, you agree to these Submission Guidelines.  If you have any questions or comments about these policies, please contact our Customer Support at  Thank you.